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slide001-001-218x300Showcasing Secrets Revealed

Did you know you can do a 15-minute speech and make $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000?

In this resource on showcasing, I sneak a “spy cam” into my showcase (and even my hotel room) to give you a first-hand look on doing a profitable showcase. In this 7 disk set, I give unprecedented access, bonus footage, and exclusive interviews that reveal more than you should know. You will learn:

  • Why you must follow the 3 Immutable Laws of Showcasing (ignore them at your own risk).
  • What colors to wear and which outfits are best for branding your message .
  • The most practical routine to follow when rehearsing and studying  for a big showcase.

2 DVD’s | 6 CD’s  | ACTION GUIDE | TRANSCRIPT – $497

showcasing-3dShowcasing Secrets Revealed  (for Cruise Ship Speakers)

As  a spin-off to “Showcasing Secrets Revealed”, I team up with Daniel Hall to reveal the “can’t miss” formula for turning any topic into a referral machine for your product or service onshore.

Daniel Hall is the king of showing speakers how to cruise for free, and we share:

  • Why the rules of presentation onshore, do not apply on ships offshore.
  • How to arrange your talk so you make a ton of extra cash on your vacation by subtly positioning your products during and after your talk.
  • How to stand out above other speakers onboard so you get higher evaluation ratings and open invitations to speak on any cruise ship at any time.
  • How to avoid the all-too-common mistakes that 90% of cruise ship speakers make in the first 30 seconds of their talk that kill their reviews

1 CD | $37

cashcow-productCash Cow Keynote

A Complete Step-by-Step Plan For Turning Your Message Into A Six-Figure Money-Making Machine…Even If You’ve Never Been Paid To Speak Before! This power packed session series will show you:

  • How I helped a speaker Create a Cash Cow KeynoteTM, that landed him 17 SPIN-OFF BOOKINGS and $32,000 in new business.
  • The SPECIFIC tools and techniques to use on stage in order to connect with any audience.
  • The myths in the speaking business that will only waste your time and keep you from making real money.


3 DVD’s | 6 CD’s  | ACTION GUIDE – $497

Connect to Audience-3D.001-001If You Want to Connect with Any Audience, Do This…
(The Best of Jonathan Sprinkles, Vol.1)

In Volume 1 of this book series, I lay out my best of the best speaking tips. With over $1,997 of Speaking Tips, Jonathan Sprinkles  “tell-all” in articles about:

  • What to say so people rebook you before you leave
  • How to structure your talk THE RIGHT WAY so you look brilliant and people keep talking about you
  • How to set yourself apart from other speakers so you become the hit of every conference
  • Creating stories that subconsciously sell your products and services
  • How to “stack the crowd” and quickly fill up your calendar with high-paying engagements

Book | $97 ** $77 (Internet Special)**

Speak Your Way 3DSpeak Your Way to Six-Figures!

(Ideal For New Speakers)

Learn the “Secret Weapons” used by many of the nation’s TOP Speakers. In this detailed audio series, I reveal 21 Money-making Strategies that will:

  • Show you how to get spin-off bookings even before you touch the stage
  • Engage attendees to become your life-time customers and create top of mind awareness
  • Speak to the needs of meeting professionals so they can’t go without you being on their event calendar, because of the great value you deliver.
  • Demonstrate how to promote your services and brand so you instantly connect with the needs of the event planner and client
  • And much, much more.

3 CD’s | $147


insider-secretsInsider Secrets of Six-Figure Speakers

Jonathan Sprinkles (Your Connection CoachTM), James Malinchak (voted  “Marketer of the Year”) and Professor Joe Martin (one of the busiest speakers anywhere) reveal tightly-guarded advanced marketing, showcasing and block-blooking strategies that will put money in your pocket today.

Three of the top college and youth speakers tell all.

3 CD’s | $197



Record and Grow Rich

Jonathan Sprinkles and Alan Skidmore discuss in detail, how to instantly (and inexpensively) turn one speech into multiple information products that make you money while you sleep.

1 CD | $37


Presentation Power Monthly Coaching Call Series (LIVE)

I am giving YOU the rare opportunity to join an elite group of speakers, authors and professionals who get to pick my brain about how to CONNECT with their audiences and COLLECT bigger checks.

It’s here. Your opportunity to get direct access to me and have me answer your hottest questions is now available…for a limited time.

I have committed to working with a small group of speakers, authors and professionals who want me to show them step-by-step how I use CONNECTING with an audience to build a thriving business. Because of the weekly requests for help that I receive, I am hosting a monthly mentorship program called the Presentation Power™ “Coaching Call” Series. You get to ask me questions AND you get the additional benefit of hearing the answers to the questions you may not have thought to ask!

Register for Monthly Live Coaching Call | $47


slide.002-001Presentation Power Coaching Call #1

I often get calls and emails from speakers and potential speakers asking for my help and mentorship.  During this Presentation Power TM Coaching Call, I allowed people from across the world to pick my brain and ask me questions about improving their presentation skills and what to do behind the scenes. If you have similar questions, this is definitely for you.

I stopped counting at 47 “Do This Right Now” tips that will get you fast results if you implement them immediately.

Listen to this call over and over. I guarantee this will dramatically improve  your presentation skills and the way you deliver your message. I even had a multi-millionaire special guest on this call whose advice  can easily add six-figures to your bank account.

Here are some of the questions that I answered on the call:

  • When you first started, how did you separate yourself from older, more experienced and better-known speakers in order to get booked?
  • How long did it take you to begin speaking full-time?
  • What is the main source of stories, related to the topic your covering?
  • What are the 5 best practices that speakers need to follow when gearing up to speak at a given university (promotional, preparation, local research, contacts, etc.) ?
  • And many more…

Download Presentation Power Coaching Call #1 | $24.97

PPCoachingCall#2Presentation PowerCoaching Call #2

Due to the enormous demand and overflow of questions I had to do a sequel.

I had too much information (that you really need to know) to cram into one call.

Here are some of the questions that I answered on this call:

  • How do you explain your credentials when you only have a few?
  • What was your biggest fear going into public speaking and how did you overcome it?
  • How do you leverage a speaking engagement without sounding “salesy” from the stage?
  • What are the top 10 things you need to know about a showcase (what are meeting planners looking for, best conferences to attend, how do I get invited, and what should I expect, etc.)?

Download Presentation Power Coaching Call #2 | $24.97


slide.002-001PPCoachingCall#2**Presentation Power Combo Pack**

Get off to a fast start with Presentation PowerTM Coaching Call #1 and #2

Get access to BOTH calls for one super-low investment. Hear all my tips and strategies about  presenting with power, developing your material, and knowing how to connect with your  clients so they never forget about you.

DOWNLOAD BOTH  Presentation Power Coaching Calls

$40  Internet Special



www.GetPresentationPower.com (Limited Seating)

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